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🕹️50 shades of food delivery

🕹️3500 restaurants in 5 years: The Story of Rebel Foods

🕹️Licious: The Next Amul

🕹️ Your Complete Guide to 10-minute delivery

🕹️5000 subscribers!!!!!

🕹How Vedantu is silently winning against Byjus

🕹The game company with no game developers

Summary of the newsletter at the top?

🕹The unicorn startup with zero revenue?

🕹Why is Unacademy spending so much money on creators?

🕹A startup with no competitors?

🕹The Biggest Fintech Acquisition in India

How Postman became India's biggest SaaS startup

Will this startup go to the moon? Or will it crash and burn?

Upgrad proves why you shouldn't underestimate Indian startups.

🕹Why do people trust this small insurance startup instead of big insurance companies?

A startup that is smarter than Amazon and Flipkart?

🕹️From testing browsers to the whole internet: The story of BrowserStack

🕹This Indian startup got $40 million just for their idea.


🕹They started with free QR codes. Now they have bought a bank.

🕹No, Byju's is NOT a tech company. Here's why.

🕹The Ranveer Show is now a Spotify exclusive. Here's why.

🕹PhonePe wants to be the best super-app. Here's how.

🕹We are using too much UPI. RBI wants to change this.

🕹Social Media companies face another tough week with the Indian govt

🕹Zomato is so much more than just food delivery

🕹RBI's new rule for digital wallets

🕹Zomato's IPO || Govt's online censorship || Apple's privacy update and much more.

🕹Masterclass isn't an edtech company after all

🕹Why did Byju's buy Aakash Institute?

🕹WhatsApp faces a tough choice in India

🕹Paytm is playing the smartest game in fintech

🕹Challenging the Monopoly Of Colleges

🕹UPI has a new competitor: NUE

🕹️Understanding Indian Govt's fight with Twitter

Unacademy's Ambitions: Decoding Unacademy Pro

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